PulseCQ for Mac

Amateur Radio Control Software

PulseCQ controls your HF/VHF radio &
logs your QSOs

PulseCQ let you log all the QSOs with common HF & VHF radios. Frequencies can be controlled directly.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is PulseCQ?

It let you log QSO contacts with your HF/VHF radio. Callsigns, frequencies & additional contest information and comments are logged, along with frequencies.

How does it control my radio?

Common ICom and Yaesu radios can be controlled using USB serial ports.

How does it work with DX contests?

Entries are exported with ADIF and Cabrillo formats.

Can I control with multiple radios?

Sorry, only 1 radio per Mac is supported.

How about iOS support?

We are developing iOS support integration, mostly in terms with QSOs log sync.

What is your API integration support?

REST based HTTP APIs are available, so you can write external triggers to queries your logs.

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