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Advertising on Google

Pulsely is a certified Google Partner that advises and develops tools & backend, helping you to optimize marketing spendings on the Google platform.

Pulsely advises clients on Search Ads, Video & Display ads strategies, as well as providing up-to-date reports and insights. One-to-one and group trainings are also available for clients who are new to Adwords.

China Marketing

Master Agent

Pulsely Media is the Master Agent of Star TV and Channel V, bringing events such as the Voice of China concerts, Channel [V] Chinese Music Award and annual music festivals etc to Asian countries.

Our goal is to promote music and culture tourism to countries in Southeast Asia.

Music & Cultural Tourism
  • Each event is tailor-made to suit the needs for different cities, states, countries and governments.
  • Let the world see your country with a high definition lenses.
  • Through Star TV China, countries like Malaysia will enjoy more than US$2 Million worth of TV media value for each event.
What we can do for you
  • Huge fan groups will follow their idols to Malaysia
  • Affluent tourists will help local economic development
  • Build up a music iconic city branding image, differentiate Malaysia from other similar tour destination
  • Making Malaysia as a cultured, classy, high end destination for leisure and business
ROM #1: Economic Driver
  • It is estimated that each Star event will bring in at least 10,000 tourists; i.e. 4,000~5,000 tourists per day
  • Each freelance (FIT) tourists on average spend at least US$3000 during an event (3 days 2 nights), including flight, hotels, food, transportation
  • The Return on Tourism and Income Generated by each STAR event is around US$30 million
ROM #2: Large Audience
  • Zhejiang Satellite TV reaches out to 800 million audiences in China
  • Star TV reaches out to 100 million across China
  • STAR International covers 16 countries worldwide
  • Channel V: The Best Music Channel in the World
ROM #3: Local Talents & Celebrities
  • Through the concerts and music events, we can invite local artists to perform live which will be broadcasted in China and worldwide, indirectly they will be seen on international platforms with huge audiences
  • This will be an instant platform of cultural and arts exchange between local talents in Malaysia, China, Korea and other regions.

About Pulsely Creative - Cultural - Arts - Media

A Malaysian company passionate to utilize the international media to promote Malaysia tourism,
contributing to the local economy and local communities

A Mobile App Developer and Entertainment Media Organizer with operations in the U.S.,
Hong Kong, China and Malaysia

Master Agent of Star TV China to bring international events into Malaysia and Brunei
tailored to the needs of the local authorities and private sectors

Videos from previous Star TV events

Events 2013 and 2014

All events are broadcasted through the 3 major TV stations under Star TV as well as top 5 mainstream Chinese Satellite TV stations.

Truly Asia [V] Music Festival

Annual Event held in different states of Malaysia--- feel the power of youth!

Concerts by Top Celebrities

from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China etc

The Voice of China World Tour

with the students and world famous artists, making this as a new tourism product to attract tourists

Channel V Chinese Music Award

The Largest and the Most Successful in Asia


Sponsorship opportunities

Pulsely would like to invite anchor sponsor for a rare exclusive sponsorship opportunity to the Voice of China concert event.

The Voice of China is the most popular and hottest music talent show ever in China.

A great avenue to promote corporate brands through the powerful media impact.

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